What are some guidelines for good photo keywords?


Adding the right keywords is an important step in helping Houzz users find you and your project photos. Here are some guidelines for adding keywords to your photos.

Keyword each unique photo: On the project upload page, only enter keywords if they apply to every single photo you are uploading. In most cases, you need to keyword each photo separately.

  • Ask yourself: If a user searches for this keyword and finds this photo, will they be confused?
  • List 5-15 keywords per photo

Synonyms: Keyword synonyms, such as “sofa” and “couch”. Another example: “coastal decor”, “nautical decor” and “ocean theme decor”.

Capitals and punctuation: Capitalization and punctuation are ignored in search, so it is okay to keyword in lower case.

Auto-complete: Use the keywords that are auto-completed in the keywording box if they are relevant for the photo.

Facets: It is not necessary to keyword features that are already covered by facets

Appropriate types of keywords:

  • Materials (silk curtains, satin pillowcase, wood table)
  • Colors, color schemes, patterns (white bed, neutral bedroom, plaid bedding)
  • Size/shape adjectives (rectangular pool, mini chandelier, small kitchen)
  • Style (spanish colonial style house, art nouveau mirror, beach style decor)
  • Quantities (two sinks, two twin beds)
  • Unique product features (basket with lid, self-cleaning oven)
  • Products (canopy bed, corner wood stove, lounge chair)
  • Specific product information (Eames chair, Kohler Purist Faucet, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) These can also be tagged and listed in more detail in the photo description field.

Inappropriate types of keywords:

  • Keywords that are not relevant or not visible in that specific photo
  • Keywords listing pro names, office locations, the pro’s services
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