What permissions does the Houzz app require?


When you install the Houzz app, you will be asked to accept the following permissions. Here is what these permissions are used for:

  • Storage: Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. 
    This allows Houzz to store images and their information on your device. Also allows you to download ideabooks so you can view them even when you don’t have internet access.
  •  Network communication: Full network access. 
    Allows Houzz to send content to and from your device.
  • Your location: Approximate location (network-based), precise location (GPS and network-based). 
    Allows Houzz to provide local recommendations. Your location information is only sent to Houzz when you specifically allow it within the app. If you prefer not to receive local recommendations, choose "No" when asked if you would like to filter results based on your current location. 


  • Your personal information: Read contact data 
    Allows you to collaborate Ideabooks with contacts who are not already Houzz users. The Houzz App does not store your contacts and will not email your contacts without your permission.
  • Your personal information: Read phone state and identity
    Allows the Houzz app to uniquely identify devices for ad tracking.
  • Your applications information: Run at startup. 
    Allows Houzz to notify you when a new newsletter is available.
  • System tools: Read the contents of your USB storage.
    Allows you to upload your own photos to Houzz.
  • Network communication: View network connections
    Allows Houzz to know whether you have an internet connection.
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